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There Was a Shuttle Launch Today… and No One Cared Nov 16

Space Shuttle Atlantis launchingFirst off let me say that I’m a big supporter of the Space Shuttle program and would never think of bashing it in anyway. I’m not exactly sure what purpose it serves, but it is a really cool way of telling the rest of the world how bad ass we are. It’s like check that out motherfuckers, we shoot that shit into space. Some people might say the space program is just a big penis for our country, but I say the people saying that are from countries with small dicks.

Anyway, today from lovely Cape Canaveral right here in Florida we had another shuttle launch. Atlantis took off this afternoon at 2:28pm and had what was described as a “flawless launch”. This is one of the last space shuttle launches. If you have never been to one I’d suggest going as it really is something to experience. You might want to hurry too because there are only 5 more chances left before the space shuttle program is retired late next year.

The thing that I noticed though is that no one really seemed to care. Sure the article on the Palm Beach Post site said there was a nice crowd there and all, but it just seems like when I was a kid people used to get stoked about a shuttle launch a whole lot more. I remember being at school and they were letting everyone outside to see if we could catch a glimpse of it as it headed up through the skies. People used to get fuckin excited. Today I was at work and I mentioned it and no one even knew that it was launching.

Cold War FlagsIts as if our country has gotten so used to it that now even space travel can seem almost mundane. I guess that’s part of the reason that their calling it quits on the whole space shuttle program. Go back in time and think about why the space program even started in the first place. It was all just to prove that we were more bad ass than the Russians. We wanted our country to get excited about something and bask in the confidence of us kicking ass. The whole space program was purely an ego driven pissing contest. Now that aspect just doesn’t even exist anymore. People are getting bored with it so what real purpose does it serve. Its not like were bringing back the cure for cancer from space or anything like that. Its really just a gigantic waste of money when you come to think about it. Its kinda like when they ask people why they climb Mt. Everest and they answer “because it’s there man!!!”.

College girls shotsI used to dig the shuttle launches a whole lot when I was up in Gainesville for college too. I didn’t ever make the short trek over there for one during that time, but I sure did celebrate each and every one. Back then I looked for any excuse to throw a party. Not because I needed one, but because it helped out other people. I’m a drug addict and an alcoholic so it didn’t make any difference to me, but so called normal people want to have some reason or excuse to party. I’d be taking Patron shots on a Tuesday afternoon just because I was breathing, but to get a normal person to do it you have to come up with something. It just makes them feel better. Come on over we’re celebrating the shuttle launch worked great. It doesn’t matter if its a good reason or not. Girls however like to be celebrating something in order to do tequila shots on a Tuesday early afternoon.

I’ll be sad to see the space shuttles go when they finally send them out to pasture in September of next year. Its going to be interesting to see what they do with them. How bad ass would it be to get one and live in it. Talk about the envy of the trailer park, that thing would get you laid for sure. Maybe even more than living on a boat.

So big up to all the astronauts and all those eggheads to over at NASA. You guys have provided us with some good times over the years and hopefully they’ll decide to continue the space program in some other form in the future. That’s no sure thing but I’ll be hoping it happens. I guess now we’ll have to rely on simpler things like the Olympics and nuclear weapons to prove the size of our country’s package. Fare thee well Space Shuttle!

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