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The Horror of a Trump Led Country Mar 06

57463716JM002_Donald_TrumpEvery day it seems the possibility of a Donald Trump run for the presidency of the United States in 2012 is becoming more and more of a distinct possibility. Yes, that Donald Trump. He of the horrible comb over and the over hashed theatrics of The Apprentice, could very well be the next President of the United States.

Now I’ve always been I guess you could say a fan of Mr. Trump. The guy spends time in Palm Beach where I grew up and even came down and took pictures with me and my friends at Mar-a-Lago before our senior prom in High School. A night seemingly where everybody ends up getting laid, except for me of course because I proceeded to get drunk and basically be non functional. Thinking of the money I wasted on that dam Navigator limo and Valentino tux I only wore¬† one other time still pisses me off, but that’s a whole other blog post for another time. Back to our friend the Donald.

While its still early in the game for the 2012 election it seems obvious at this point that Mr. Trump will be running for President. An article in the Huffington Post today entitled “Donald Trump Postive Rating Higher Than That Of Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty” even points out that at this point the Donald is the favorite over these much more seasoned politicians. This to me is simply crazy. I mean sure Mr. Trump is well known around the country, but the guy has absolutely zero experience at all politics wise. He’s known as being a great businessman, but even that is somewhat of a farce. He basically just knows how to make money when you have money, and that really doesn’t take too much of a genius in my book. Last night a good friend of mine was telling me how if Mr. Trump had just taken the money he inherited and put it with a financial planner rather than manage it himself he would have been worth about 9X what he is worth right now. Now this friend of mine is an Eastern European drug addict who was stuffing hot wings into his mouth at the time, but I still have complete faith in his statistics.

Now granted there would be some benefits to having Donald Trump as our next President. I’m sure Saturday Night Live would have a field day with that one. There would be a skit involving the President on basically every week I can guarantee. Whatever one of the cast is lucky enough to land that gig will sure be loving the notoriety. Even if Trump simply is in the running we should get quite a run out of that. The Daily Show too, I’m sure their licking their chops. Yet, while we’re laughing at our President, which is acceptable, I don’t think we need the other countries laughing at us. While Donald may command respect to his face, he certainly already gets snickers behind his back. I know I for one don’t want those dam French jackasses making fun of our President.

Trump with Ivanka and MelAnother benefit to having Mr. Trump would be the hottest first daughter in the history of the White House. What can I say Ivanka has it going on and I think she would be wonderful in that department. While they both did get a Wharton Business School education, Ivanka just seems to me to have more going on upstairs than her daddy. Then again I always tend to give leggy blondes the benefit of the doubt so I might be being a little bit unfair here. Donald’s current wife Melanie would probably being the hottest first lady in the history of the White House as well, what can you say about that one except chicks dig dude’s with money.

While he might be the favorite to get the Republican nomination at this point. Its obvious that 2012 is not really looking all that good for the Republicans at this point. That’s probably the reason that so few people have announced any intention to run. People it seems are hesitant to even announce that their thinking about throwing their hats in the ring. It would probably take a major meltdown, Charlie Sheenesque perhaps, for President Obama to not get reelected in 2012 in my book. However, if his sentiment does fall so much in the next year and a half, look out. If people are looking for a change from Obama, then Trump is about as far towards the other spectrum as you can get. While Obama might not be very high up in the running for the blackest man in the country, I think Trump could be a serious contender for the title of whitest man in the country. He might even give Wayne Brady a run for his money in that race.

Trump eating ice creamMr. Trump has never been one to shy away from publicity so I’m pretty confident that his decision to formally announce his candidacy is merely a formality at this point. He did purchase a Boeing 757 the other day, cause that 737 he already had is just sooooooo last week, which seems a likely move for the travel he intends on doing while campaigning. I’d look for him to try and milk the announcement for everything its worth and boost the ratings for his upcoming Celebrity Apprentice show. Whether its a good idea or not is a trickier question. Good idea for him I’d probably say so. The publicity alone makes it worthwhile in his book. Good for the United States, that’s where I’d have to bring my good buddy Lee Corso in to say “not so fast my friend”.

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    Frankie, I enjoyed reading it. Coe

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    Great job, Frankie! I liked the Charlie S one, too.

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