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Cell Phone Dilemma: Change Behavior or Spend Money? Oct 25

I need to get personnel up in this bitch today. I ask you, my loyal readers, for your insight….. So here is the problem that has presented itself recently in my life. I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan on Verizon and now a phone comes out that I want. If I upgrade I lose my unlimited data. My other choice is just buy the phone at full retail price. If I never upgrade I can keep my unlimited data forever and ever (so far, of course they can also change this at any time, lol)

Basically the Galaxy Note II is coming out, yesterday on T-Mobile and Sprint and next month on AT&T and Verizon, and I really want to have one. The Note II is awesome. A 5.5 inch screen paired with a quad core processor makes me want to drool. I am admittedly a phone guy. I sell phones for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile at a big national retailer at least until this blog starts paying my bills. Right now I have a concession account from Verizon so for all my unlimited calling, unlimited data, and unlimited hotspot I only pay $45 a month. Don’t hate me, its one of the benefits of the job and my favorite benefit. Right now I have a Razr Maxx, and its a great phone which I am really satisfied with. I love the Galaxy S3 a whole lot and would probably pick it over the Razr Maxx right now, but not in as much of a landslide to shell out the almost $650 to buy it full retail. The Galaxy Note II though is a landslide. I’m dying to get my hands on that quad core processor and love the big screen. People complain about how big it is, but those people haven’t spent any time with one. Once you see how gorgeous it looks and how easy it fits in your pockets you’ll won’t complain about the size. As long as your not some hipster doofus in skinny jeans you’ll be fine. Lemme tell you too that chicks dig guys with big phones.

I also get an upgrade every 9 months as opposed to 20 months for a regular consumer account. This makes it so you can have a fairly up to date phone at all times. Yet my last upgrade was the last one I could do before they made people start getting rid of unlimited data when they upgrade on Verizon. AT&T on the other hand lets you keep unlimited data when you upgrade, but its not really unlimited since they throttle you at 2GB. My Verizon unlimited is real unlimited. Its all the LTE goodness I want and I use the fuck out of it. I hotspot my laptop like crazy and if your around me I let you use my hotspot too, as long as I like you that is AND you’re nice to me. If I think you’re hot, you don’t even have to be nice to me, but that is neither here nor there. The point is I average about 50GB of data usage a month. So there is no data plan that could ever satisfy my needs. So now the choice is, either shell out the full retail price or modify my behaviors to that of a common lay person.

It’s really an interesting dilemma that can be applied to basically anything in your life. Either I continue to behave how I want and spend the money to do it, or I change my behavior to match my budget. Either you just keep paying parking tickets or you decide to not just park wherever you want.  I wish it was that black and white though, its not. As Denzel would say “This ain’t checkers, its chess”. Say I shell out the $650 for the Note II full retail. Then I have my beautiful Note II and my unlimited data and hotspot all for $45 a month. On the other hand I use my upgrade to get a Note II for $299 and then move to one of the tiered data plans. Even if I pick the 10GB data plan which is cutting my average usage by over 75%, its still gonna send my bill up a whole lot. Concessions gives you the talk and text for $15 and then half off the data. So my bill would be $65 a month. Then I’d have to give up letting other people on my hotspot and even then cut down on my own usage and productivity. It doesn’t seem worth it.

Another caveat here is that I could sell the Razr Maxx, but there is a snag. I have a hairline crack in the screen at the bottom. It doesn’t really affect my usage of the device at all and is hardly noticeable, but it kills the EBay value of it. So that is in essence out the window. There are really 3 choices. Choice #1 is buy the Note II for $650 and continue to pay $45 a month for unlimited heaven. Choice #2 is buy the Note II for $199, I get $100 off the corporate upgrade price from concessions, and go to 10GB of data for $65 a month. Choice #3, ugh, do nothing and continue with my perfectly acceptable Razr Maxx.

Of course the most sensible choice is choice #3, but that’s also the boring lame choice. Choice #1 is what I want to do, yet I’m not really at a point in my life to be spending $650 on a phone; I have mad bills, court costs (shut up) and life necessity things that I can’t even afford. I don’t wanna sound like the King Baby cliche, but ugh I want a Note II so bad, and I want it now. I need to be cutting edge. I can justify it a tiny bit by saying it’ll help me sell more Note II’s at work, people invariably want you to pull the phone out of your pocket and know what you have. Life is just so hard sometimes. I know if this was twitter I’d have to throw a #whitepeopleproblems on this, but this has been tormenting me for days now. Any input? Any suggestions? I know I’ll probably get calls from family members that I have to borrow money from to live about how they will kill me if I spend $650 on a phone, haha, but I’d appreciate the fact that they read my blog!!

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    I just went through the same decision and went with Choice #1. If I was in your situation, the decision would have been even easier to go with that choice. Unlimited LTE data on Verizon is something that will be worth having as long as they don’t screw loyal customers over and take it away… so while the $500 extra you would pay to get a retail sounds like a lot… it’s really just 10 months of paying for even less data with their tiered plan.

    Suck it up and go with Option #1 if you really want a Note 2 that badly… you’ll use it more for stuff that requires more data and having unlimited will make you feel good when you hit that 50GB usage each month.

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